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This portal has resources for those interested in the military, physical fitness and the business world. These are three areas that are very important to SSGT Nichols, the Senior Drill Instructor in Black Friday: Dark Dawn, the film series about United States Marine Corps Boot Camp.

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United States Marine Corps
SSGT Nichols graduated from Marine Corps Boot Camp on May 5, 1995. He attended Marine Combat Training at Camp Pendleton and then Motor Transportation School. Subsequent duty stations included Iwakuni, Japan, 29 Palms, California and MCRD San Diego (for Drill Instructor duty). In 2004, SSGT Nichols became the Protocol Chief for the MARFORPAC 3 Star Commanding General.

SSGT Nichols deployed to Iraq in 2006. Based in Al Asad Iraq, SSGT Nichols completed 27 combat missions, 13 as a Platoon Sergeant and 14 as the Platoon Commander after his Lieutenant was severely injured in an IED attack.
After successfully serving in the United States Marine Corps, SSGT Nichols completed his Bachelor of Science in Business Management and also certified as a personal fitness trainer with the National Federation of Professional Trainers.
SSGT Nichols: Founder - MDI 8 Fitness
Black Friday: Dark Dawn

SSGT Nichols was assigned to 1st Battalion, Charlie Company where he trained eight platoons to become United States Marines. It was during his seventh platoon that Platoon 1141 was filmed. The release of Black Friday: Dark Dawn would enable people from all around the world to get a firsthand view of Marine Corps Boot Camp from start to finish.

Since leaving the Marine Corps, SSGT Nichols has owned ten convenience stores, launched a film company, a fitness company, appeared in television and film, and produced several feature length motion pictures. SSGT Nichols is actively involved in serving Veterans and serving his community as a CARE Pastor in Southern California.
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