Think GREAT: Erik Therwanger, USMC
Posted by Navy Diver

Erik Therwanger impacts people and empowers them to achieve greater results – no matter what circumstances they face. Since 2008, he has transformed individuals, teams, leaders, and organizations by sharing the concepts in six books. On Think GREAT, Erik uniquely shares his combined experiences in the Marine Corps, as an executive business leader, and as his wife’s caregiver (four bouts of cancer and cardiac arrest) to empower people who are ready to fulfill their greater purpose, want to accomplish their important goals, and reach new levels of success.

The First Episode

For the first dynamic episode of the Pathway to Success, Erik Therwanger shares his unique journey to achieving greater results; including the life-changing techniques he developed to conquer the challenges in his path. Beginning with his service in the United States Marine Corps, his executive leadership role in the entertainment industry, and his passionate focus as his wife’s caregiver, Erik details the steps that led to the creation of his company, Think GREAT, and the beginning of a personal and professional development wave that is sweeping the nation.

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