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Posted by Joshua Kelly

In today’s post, we will look at advertising, a few approaches that you can take to advertise your business and ways to earn income on your website as well.  What are the benefits of advertising for your company?  It is a great tool to establish your business identity with the public for a reasonable price.  Advertising  also lets the public know what your company does and how your product or service can help them day to day.

Location and Targeting

You want to tailor your advertisement to specifics in order to provide maximum exposure to your sales crowd (known as your target audience).  There are many places you can advertise from newspapers to magazines.  Or if you are a larger company, you can go with the billboards and banners.  A good way to manage your resources is to start advertising locally before purchasing advertising in a larger market.  Once you do expand to purchasing advertising in new markets, even if your company is not located there, advertising allows you a chance to get seen by new potential customers who may not have seen you otherwise without that advertisement.

Cost Effectiveness

Advertising can be a cheap way to get your business exposed.  Spots in the newspaper are on the lower end, whereas advertising in a large magazine or billboard may cost a lot more.  The great aspect is that the wide variety of advertising venues allows even the smallest businesses to get seen and heard.

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Advertisement (Marine Corps Boot Camp Film Series)

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Strategic Considerations

To become a successful growing business, you will need to place some of your monthly earnings into advertising.  As you write your monthly budgets, make sure to allot some of your earnings for just that purpose.

When you have the opportunity to engage in co-advertisement, you can work out a deal with another company and place their advertisement on your website and in return they place your advertisement on their website. This can usually be done free of charge if both parties are willing to do so.

The web is another great tool for advertising, and it is very important that you hit the web and social media with your ads as well.  If you are running a blog, you can do a lot with the extra space on your blog post, such as having another company sponsor your blog (where they will give you a set amount each month to have their ad on your blog).  Another method is to go after the world famous Google Ads.  Here you can place on your page Google Ads geared at your crowd and then when they click on the ad, you get some extra cash from Google. There are also smaller sites, like Project Wonderful that you can sign up with as well.  Here, you place a banner space on your site and people will actually bid in real time on the space.  So if you have a high traffic site, this could be an excellent source of revenue.

Earning Through Content Creation

Another way of making money with ads is to have your own Podcast or Show.  Then you can upload it to YouTube and get earnings through views.  Or you can actually place a verbal advertisement for a company in your show and get paid.  You can also set up a website and embed your shows into the page and earn advertising that way as well.

Advertising When Starting

When you are a small business and just starting out, you have to get yourself well rounded in the world of advertising, because you will be doing this all yourself at first. However, as time goes along and you become a more established company (and have more revenue coming in), you can look at expanding to bring on another person to help with all these advertising needs, or hiring a third-party advertisement agency.

Regardless of how you start, it is important to do a few things with your company when it comes time to advertising. Make sure to budget for ads.  Surprisingly, many start-ups forget this step altogether.  Usually budget a set amount on a monthly allowance as this will allow you time to re-evaluate each month to see if the advertisement copy is working or not.  Don’t forget to look for people with whom to co-share space, as this is by far the cheapest method on the market.  Best of luck with your business ventures!

Joshua Kelly is a 13-year United States Navy Veteran. Joshua holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Natural Science and Math. Along with several military decorations, Joshua was certified as a Community College of the Air Force Instructor. Joshua is currently self-employed with Dakota Weather Consultants.

“I am passionate about the military way of life and also the self-employed way of the future, and of course, the weather. You will find me, every day, running my weather consulting firm when I am not spending time with my family. I enjoy sharing information by writing to help others prepare themselves and learn from my experiences”. Joshua Kelly

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